YouTube Channel Gallery. Demo only with thumbnails

In this demo, I have used all the parameters and I have adjusted the values so that only the thumbnails are displayed. Besides this, I have added the following CSS to show you can customize the design with the different generated class:

ul.ytchagallery {
background: url(/contenidos/2012/11/channels3_background.jpg);
.ytcshort .ytc-r-odd, .ytcshort .ytc-r-even {
padding: 10px 10px 0 10px;
margin-bottom: 10px;
.ytcshort .ytc-r-even {
background: rgba(255, 255, 255, .6)

The shortcode used is this:

[Youtube_Channel_Gallery user="Autodesk" videowidth="580" ratio="16x9" theme="light" color="white" autoplay="0" rel="0" showinfo="0" maxitems="16" thumbwidth="125" thumbratio="16x9" thumbcolumns="4" title="0" description="0" thumbnail_alignment="top" descriptionwordsnumber="6"]
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74 Comments on "YouTube Channel Gallery. Demo only with thumbnails"

  1. Velu says:

    Hi Mr.Poselab,How to adjust player height.Actually i don’t want to decrease the width and i need the height to be decreased.I don’t know php. So, Any help will be much helpful..

  2. Hello Poselab, just want to ask if you have a code for the specific playlist to be displayed? I want to exclude one of my playlist on my site.. Thanks. I’ll be waiting for your response. :)

  3. I hope you will answer soon.. :) Thanks!

  4. dodi says:

    Hi great plugins.. i have a question… how to make pagging for more item??

  5. google says:

    Now i’m will no longer guaranteed what your location is having your information and facts, nonetheless beneficial subject. My spouse and i should devote a long time understanding a lot more or maybe training additional. Thanks for excellent information and facts I’d been searching for this info for my objective.

  6. Riccardo says:

    why when i make click the thumbnail i go in I want to stay in my blog such as in example

  7. Surya says:

    Can i use the add on to add my subscribtion on youtube to my page
    can i get the code ?



  8. si realmente se una novela referente a de elementos que probablemente existieron, no obstante debido a la oportunismo prefiero en absoluto

  9. John says:

    Any way to put the thumbnails on the right of the player with a vertical scroll like a YouTube playlist player on

  10. Jeremy says:

    Used it, works for one entry. In the second entry with the same shortcode I get Videos from another channel, but not mine. Solutions?

  11. manju says:

    I trying to put short codes on my website text box nothing is showing up can some one help me with this.

  12. Please I will like to know how to remove the youtube device error that is showing up on the site as it says it does not support the device any longer .
    Please how do I do this or is it an update issue with the plugin ?

    Thank you

  13. Asad says:

    Your plugin is no more working youtube change its policies maybe this is the reason that’s why its stop working.

  14. Kingsley says:


    please update your plugin

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