Youtube Channel Gallery

The ’Youtube Channel Gallery‘ plugin shows a video and a thumbnail gallery, which are played on the player of a YouTube user.


  • Current version: 1.8.7
  • Last update: 2014-03-13 10:43pm GMT
  • Downloads: 209,691


  • Display latest thumbnail videos from YouTube user channel or playlist.
  • When you click on one of the thumbnails the video plays at the top.
  • This plugin uses the YouTube IFrame player API that allows YouTube to serve an HTML5 player, rather than a Flash player, for mobile devices that do not support Flash.
  • You can choose to use this plugin as a widget or as a shortcode.
  • You can use multiple instances of the plugin on the same page.

Widget fields:

Youtube Channel GalleryDescription of the different fields of the plugin:

  • Title: Widget Title.
Feed tab:
  • Video feed type: option to select the feed type to use to show videos. Yo can select uploaded by the user or playlist. Shortcode attribute: feed; value: user (default) or playlist. (Optional).
  • YouTube user id/YouTube playlist id: the user id of the user’s Youtube videos you want to show or the id of the playlist. Shortcode attribute: user; value: String. (Required).
  • Playlist order: this option appears if you selected playlist as Video feed type. You can show videos in a playlist by ascending or descending order. Shortcode attribute: feedorder; value: asc (default) or desc. (Optional).

Player tab:

  • Video width: indicates the width of the video player. Shortcode attribute: videowidth; value: Number. (Optional).
  • Aspect ratio: indicates the proportions of the player, standard (4:3) or widescreen (16:9) format. Shortcode attribute:** ratio; values: 4×3 (default) or 16×9. (Optional).
  • Theme: display player controls (like a ‘play’ button or volume control) within a dark or light control bar. Shortcode attribute: theme; values: dark (default) or light. (Optional).
  • Progress bar color: specifies the color that will be used in the player’s video progress bar to highlight the amount of the video that the viewer has already seen. Shortcode attribute: color; values: red (default) or white. (Optional).
  • Video quality: sets the suggested video quality for the videos. The suggested quality parameter value can be small, medium, large, hd720, hd1080, highres or default. YouTube recommend that you set the parameter value to default, which instructs YouTube to select the most appropriate playback quality, which will vary for different users, videos, systems and other playback conditions. If you set suggested quality level that is not available for the video, then the quality will be set to the next lowest level that is available. Shortcode attribute: quality; values: small, medium, large, hd720, hd1080, highres or default (default). (Optional).
  • Autoplay: automatically play the initial video when the player loads. Shortcode attribute: autoplay; values: 0 (default) or 1. (Optional).
  • Show related videos: this parameter indicates whether the player should show related videos when playback of the initial video ends. Shortcode attribute: rel; values: 0 (default) or 1. (Optional).
  • Show info (title, uploader): display information like the video title and rating before the video starts playing. Shortcode attribute: showinfo; values: 0 (default) or 1. (Optional).
Thumbnails tab:
  • Number of videos to show: it must be a number indicating the number of thumbnails to be displayed. Shortcode attribute: maxitems; value: Number. (Optional).
  • Thumbnail width: indicates the width of the thumbnails. The height is automatically generated based on the aspect ratio selected. Shortcode attribute: thumbwidth; value: Number. (Optional).
  • Aspect ratio: indicates the proportions of the thumbnails, standard (4:3) or widescreen (16:9) format. Shortcode attribute: thumbratio; values: 4×3 (default) or 16×9. (Optional).
  • Thumbnail columns: it allows to control the number of columns in which the thumbnails are distributed. Shortcode attribute: thumbcolumns; value: Number. (Optional).
  • Show title: it displays the title of the thumbnail with a link to play the video in the player. Shortcode attribute: title; values: 0 (default) or 1. (Optional).
  • Show description: it shows the description of the thumbnail with the number of specified words. Shortcode attribute: description; values: 0 (default) or 1. (Optional).
  • Thumbnail alignment: it defines the alignment of the thumbnail respect to its description and title. Shortcode attribute: thumbnail_alignment; values: left (default), right, top or bottom. (Optional).
  • Description words number: the maximum number of words displayed in the description. Shortcode attribute: descriptionwordsnumber; value: Number. (Optional).
Link tab:
  • Link text: field to customize the text of the link to the gallery on YouTube. Shortcode attribute: link_tx; value: String. (Optional).
  • Show link to channel: option to display a link to the youtube user channel. Shortcode attribute: link; values: 0 (default) or 1. (Optional).
  • Open in a new window or tab: option to open the link to YouTube in a new window or tab. Shortcode attribute: link_window; values: 0 (default) or 1. (Optional).

Sintaxis de shortcode:

In the following example are all attributes that can be used with the shortcode and explained above:

[Youtube_Channel_Gallery feed="user" user="MaxonC4D" feedorder="desc" videowidth="500" ratio="16x9" theme="light" color="white" quality="small" autoplay="1" rel="1" showinfo="1" maxitems="9" thumbwidth="90" thumbratio="16x9" thumbcolumns="3" title="1" description="1" thumbnail_alignment="left" descriptionwordsnumber="10" link_window="0"] 
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257 Comments on "Youtube Channel Gallery"

  1. We too are having the same issue with the problem and videos showing on our feed. Really don’t want to have to find a new plug-in, but am going to have to if there isn’t an update soon…just makes our site look back.
    Any idea when this will be released or what we can do in the meantime?

  2. pan says:

    We too are having the same issue with the problem and videos showing on our feed.
    Now None of Videos from YouTube Channel are showing in the Feed.
    it shows only Device problem support video.

  3. Kristof says:

    YouTube no longer supports their old API. Have you planned to upgrade your plug-in to the new API?

  4. Bjorn says:

    Same here unfortunately. I hope you can update without too much of a hassle.

    Great plugin, cheers :)

  5. I am also having the same problem because of the YouTube updates. Any idea when a fix is coming out for this?

  6. I am also having the same problem because of YouTube updates. Any idea when a fix for this is going to be released?


  7. DriveFox says:
    Also the same problem who has found a way to fix it?

  8. DriveFox says:
    Also the same problem who has found a way to fix it?

  9. Jeffrey says:

    I notice the last post from Poselabs was jan 2013. Do they still exist? Is it possible somebody else can take over if Poselabs doesn’t or can’t do the work necessary to keep this very valuable pluggin alive.

  10. Guys, Even I faced problems of similar kind. However the plugin works if we are using the playlist option under Feeb Tab instead of a User.

    Try this it works. Please see the website right bar.

    Thank you,

  11. PoseLab says:

    Hi Andrew Aversa

    Could you send me a url where I can see the plugin working?

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