Basque – Spanish dictionary for mobiles

Basque – Spanish dictionary for mobiles

Diccionario Euskera – Castellano para móvil

This application is based on the Euskeraz ikasi dictionary by Iker Etxebarria, which is based on the collaborative dictionary I find this dictionary ideal for studying the meaning of words because it is very concise, although it has got serious lacks of commonly used words. If I need detailed information about the use of a word, I usually use the dictionary from Elhuyar Foundation. The application by Iker is available for Android, IOS and an extension of Google Chrome and it is a little gem for anyone who is learning Basque. As I am in that process, Euskeraz ikasi has became the application I use most in my mobile and, although the application has three applications, I only use the dictionary and this way, when I read a book in Basque I have the application open to search for the words I do not know.

It was because of its frequent use that the limitations and inconveniences appeared, what made me consider to make a new version of the Euskeraz ikasi dictionary, with a better approach to my own needs and in order to learn something else about the developing of webs for mobiles. I think I can summarize in four points the main needs appeared with the use of the dictionary:

  1. Improve the experience of the application’s user. Version 1
  2. Add words to a list of favorites for further study. Version 2Version 2.1 for Android
  3. Integrate the dictionary with the Elhuyar’s one and meet the main lacks of with a setting of database editing.
  4. Customization of the application use and creation of a web for the improvement of the dictionary by users.

I have outlined each need as a version of the application to see how far I can go, since I am not a developer and therefore my knowledge of programming are very limited, and this way I could also improve my knowledge of JavaScript. The image shows a design of what I would like to get to in the third version of the dictionary.

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