Vimeo Channel Gallery

Vimeo Channel Gallery

Vimeo Channel Gallery

The ‘Vimeo Channel Gallery‘ plugin shows a video and a thumbnail gallery, which are reproduced on the player of a Vimeo user’s channel.


  • It shows the latest thumbnail videos from a Vimeo user’s channel.
  • When you click on one of the thumbnails the corresponding video is played on the upper player.
  • The plugin uses the Vimeo IFrame player API, which allows Vimeo to serve the player in HTML5 format instead of a Flash format, so this can be used on mobile devices. On the sidebar of this page you can see an example of the plugin in action. The plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress web.Vimeo Channel Gallery
  • The plugin can be used as a widget or a shortcode.
  • You can use multiple instances of the plugin on the same page, to show different Vimeo channels.

Widget fields:

  • Title: widget title
  • Vimeo username: The username of the Vimeo user’s videos to be shown.
  • Show link to the channel: An option to show a link to the Vimeo user’s channel.
  • Number of videos to show: It must be a number which indicates the number of thumbnails you want to show.
  • Video width: It indicates the width of the video  player.
  • Thumbnails width: It indicates the width of the thumbnails. The height is automatically generated.
  • Thumbnail columns:  It assigns a numerical class to each thumbnail, based on the number of columns used to apply styles.
  • Color: A color for the Vimeo player. You must insert an hexadecimal value of 6 digits without the #.

Shortcode syntax:

If you want to use the plugin as shortcode:

[[Vimeo_Channel_Gallery user="MaxonC4D" maxitems="3" theme="dark"]]

The attributes used in the shortcode are the same as the fields available  in the widget, except the title field.

  • user: name of the Vimeo user (required).
  • link: show link to the channel. Values: 0 or 1 (optional).
  • maxitems: number of videos to show (optional).
  • videowidth: width of the video (optional)
  • thumbwidht: Size of the  thumbnails (optional) .
  • thumbcolumns: Columns of thumbnails (optional).
  • color: Color (optional).
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